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Y.L Systems provides planning ,engineering, systems integration and implementation services in the field of C4I – Command, Control, Communication, Computers and Intelligence. The company specializes in very low voltage systems and performs comprehensive design, including top-level supervision

Y.L Systems is approved by the Ministry of Defense for the supply of design and specification services in this area.


Design of video-intensive systems

Specification of command and control systems: BMS, C4I

Specification and design of multimedia systems

Physical design of data center sites and DRP

Design of command and control rooms, military operations rooms

Solutions for video and RF communications


Technological, engineering and economic examinations of major projects (cost benefit analysis)

Ministry of Defense

Tel Aviv municipal operations room
(2400 sq. m)

Tel Aviv municipality

Specification and detailed design of safe city: Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv municipality

Multimedia system in a MEGA project

Logic company for a foreign customer, IDF

Developing Next Generation
Decision Support Systems

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Selected Clients

Ministry of Aliyah & Immigrant Absorption

Israel Defense Forces

Israel Prisons Service

Israel Navy

Prime Minister’s Office

Israel Police

Ministry of Defense

Israel Air Force

Bezeq Telecommunications

Ministry of Construction & Housing

Logic Industries

Tel Aviv Municipality

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