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Ever since Y.L Systems Analysis was founded in 1991, our company has promoted thinking that views innovation as its customer’s principal asset. In this manner¸ we contribute to our customers’ development, positioning, and leadership in the competitive market. The company specializes in identifying and assessing, development, promotion and commercialization. Through our services and activities we create the space and conditions that allows our customers to create products, services, technologies and know-how that can compete on the domestic and global market.


Technological and business feasibility studies

Technological and commercial due diligence

Development of partnerships with leading Israel and international universities

Strategic R&D planning for plants and companies

Incorporation of technological innovation in development processes

Proposal organizer, Partner and coordinator in Research and Innovation calls (IIA, World Bank, Horizon 2020)

Promotion of partnering and investment in startups, including acceleration plan

Business development and definition of strategic plans for bringing innovation to market


  • Development & Assimilation of technological innovation
  • Feasibility studies and technological due diligence

Ministry of Defense, Israel Innovation Authority, Ministry of Energy

  • Strategic R&D planning
  • Definition of operational needs

Israeli Aerospace Industries (IAI), IMI Systems, Ministry of Defense

  • Production floor and process optimization
  • Implementation of industry 4.0

More than 400 plants


The Y.L Systems Analysis Ltd. Team has decades of experience in engineering, R&D and business development of projects at various degrees (TRL). The team has served and continues to serve as professional examiners and referents for the chief scientists in the Infrastructure and Energy Ministries, the Ministry of Science, Technology and Space, the Ministry of Defense and the Ministry of Public Security. The company has extensive experience in program financing, regulation, intellectual property protection and building market strategies.


  • Brainstorming with the participation of experts and business development people, of which the principle is assessment of technological and business feasibility.
  • Assessment of the project’s technological and engineering gaps, and how to solve them.
  • Aid in preparing a development plan, including milestones.
  • Aid in obtaining financing, including approaching the relevant funds.
  • Inclusion of innovation in development, in accordance with technological trends, market needs and the company’s business plans.
  • Following the development, including the option to establish a Red Team.
  • Monitoring and aiding the preparation of a business plan.
  • Participating in the development in accordance with regulation and registration of intellectual property.

Selected Clients

MER Group

Ministry of Economy


Israel Innovation Authority

Israel Industry Center for R&D

Israel Police

Ministry of Defense

Energy and Water Resources Ministry of Israel

Israel Defense Forces

Rafael Advanced Defense Systems

Israel Aerospace Industries

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