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Next Generation Situational Awareness and
Decision Support Platforms for Safe & Smart Cities

Our Added Value

Emergency Experts

An aggregate of over 70 person-years of experience in our expert staff

Hazard Models

We specialise in the development of mathematical models and algorithms for pollution dispersion

Life Saving Platforms

Since 1991 we specialise in research, design and development of emergency response and C4 systems

Next Generation Cyber Physical, Information Management, Situational Awareness and Decision Support Systems for emergency management.

Gather, Analyse,
React better = Save Lives

Our goal is to provide Situational Awareness (SA) and decision support that will maximize decision makers ability to make informed decision in light of environment risk and emergency events. We are developing next generation, modular systems which can aggregate and analyze the most valuable data points and to generate life saving insights and actionable information.

Data Sources & Technologies
Next Generation – C4, Information management,
Situational awareness and Decision support system

YL Systems is a proven leader and a recognized, international expert in the field of CBRN, HazMat, Environmental risks, Emergency Preparedness and Command and Control Systems. Our expert staff has an aggregate of over 70 person-years of relevant experience and expertise in research, design and development of CBRN C4 systems, planning and preparedness to hazardous incidents, design of command and control posts and managing dozens of field trials with CBRN systems and related technologies.

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