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Y.L Systems offers a full range of security services and specializes in design and consulting for establishing technology-based security systems, with emphasis on outdoor systems.

  • The design work in general includes preparing scenarios and risk analysis, defining required operational achievements, preparing alternative system architectures, details of the selected alternative in cost benefit terms.
  • The company prepares technical specifications for the equipment, including components, control system infrastructures and communication infrastructure systems for interconnecting the systems, and engineering design of the control assembly.
  • The company prepares s-made documentation for the projects.


Design of displays & multimedia subsystems

Specification of analytical modules for security systems

Overall design of security centers, including those integrated with BMS systems

Design of communications systems, for transmission of data and broadband video

Safe city characterization and detailed design.

Entry control systems.

Perimeter security systems, smart fencing, controlled gates, sensor booths for covering various spectra

Scanning and detection systems, such as smart video and radar.

Specification of Command and Control systems

Protection of Critical Infrastructure


Tel Aviv safe city

Tel Aviv Municipality

Technological obstacle at seam between regions

Israel police

Entry control systems design

Israel Defense Forces

Safe City

The company has wide experience in characterizing and planning infrastructures and scanning and viewing systems for safe city mega projects. As part of the projects carried out by the company, project needs characterization has been made, layout of sensors throughout the city, focusing on: video, panic buttons, volume detectors, deployment of optical communication infrastructure and / or microwave channels. The contents of the work included, inter alia, planning of centers, network planning, and server farms planning through intelligent algorithms. The company has also been asked to prepare numerous tenders, bides and specifications for a variety of customers

Routine Security

Analysis of arena characteristics, including: threats, and land trajectories in seamline border areas. Including the characterization of a required operational achievement and accordingly presenting a solution in the form of a defensive suit

Threat and Violence Risk Surveys

Specializes in the preparation of risk surveys, presentation of technological protection suits, indoor/outdoor. The company has extensive experience in scanning on an integrated basis, preparing specifications and presenting operational and technological implications in various scenarios

Innovative Security Solutions

Characterization of needs used to develop technological projects in the field of security. The company engages in the development of innovation and comprehensive accompaniment of ideas in the subject field.

Selected Clients

MER Group

Israel Navy


IMI Systems

Prime Minister’s Office

Israel Police

Ministry of Defense

Israel Air Force

Ministry of Public Security

Logic Industries

Israel Prisons Service

Israel Aerospace Industries

Tel Aviv Municipality

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